Would you like to reduce your annual heating bills by up to 80% by installing this next generation technology of water heating?


The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box
We are pleased to bring you the latest addition to our product range, which can generate your domestic hot water all year round. Unlike Solar thermal systems Thermodynamic panels do not solely rely on the sun, but instead absorb heat energy from the atmosphere, which means they work night and day, 365 days a year.

Thermodynamic Hot Water

Thermodynamic Hot Water

The system uses reverse refrigeration technology. A refrigerant fluid fills and circulates the panels absorbing heat energy from the atmosphere. This increase in temperature changes the fluid into gas, which passes through the compressor and the temperature increases. Hot gas then flows through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to produce hot water. This transforms the liquid into a gas, which carries the heat energy to the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box.The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box compresses the gas which increases the temperature.The spent gas reverts back to a liquid which flows back in the panel, allowing the process to repeat.Simultaneously, a water pump pulls cold water from the cylinder into the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box.This works as a heat exchanger which returns hot water to the cylinder.This flow continues until the water in the cylinder reaches 55°C.Once this is achieved the system goes into standby mode.

Features and Benefits

Hot water on request – 24/7 365 days a year.
Hot water both Night and Day up to 55°c.
Hot water at a fraction of Gas or Electric system cost.
Hot water in ALL weather conditions, down to -10°c.
Panel is usually fitted to any aspect of a property.
Installation – Within one day.
More efficient then ‘Traditional Solar Thermal’ panels.
Suitable for residential or commercial premises.
Size available for small to large property types.
Significantly reduces carbon emissions.[/vc_column_text]



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Thermodynamic Magic Box

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