Growatt SP2000

Growatt SP2000 is one the main product use around UK.
Compatible with almost all Solar Panels Inverters, Growatt is one the best and easy way store your electricity.
Installation time is under 3 hours, and the benefits can be seen from the first day.
Growatt SP2000 is got a warranty of 5 years.

Product Features

Easy to add into Grid-tie installed solar system.
Internal DC switch.
Capacity of storage can be expanded.
Comprehensive Growatt warranty program.

Solar Panels Battery Storage Growatt

Solax X-Hybrid

The ground-breaking X-Hybrid is much more than just an inverter. It is an intellegent, integrated system that manages the energy you generate effectively and efficiently, storing surplus energy in batteries for later use.

With a standard inverter a typical solar powered property will use around 25% of the free energy it generates; exporting the rest to the grid. With X-Hybrid, ‘self-use’ can increase to in excess of 80% – providing both financial and practical benefits to the customer.

Key Features

The very latest in solar inverter technology.
Fully integrated system with on-board battery management.
Use more of the energy you generate (minimum 80% self-use).
Prioritise load and battery storage over export (‘self-use’ mode).
Change the priorities to suit to your requirements via user-friendly control panel.
High quality lithium batteries supplied as standard offering extended lifespan and deeper discharge levels.
Easy to install (‘plug and play’).

Battery Storage Solax

Battery Storage from Samsung

Samsung ESS is an energy-saving solution that can be used to connect power grid and photovoltaic systems to maximize energy savings. Storing solar energy in ESS enhances self-consumption.

This is especially beneficial to the end-user in times of ever-rising electricity bill. Additionally, residential ESS provides emergency energy power during power outage.


Samsung ESS energy storage provides stored electricity to the grid and stable power output from renewable energy.
Electricity stored during off-peak time can be used during on-peak hours so that home/commercial owners can cut peak demand and electricity cost.
ESS integrated with PV can maximize consumption of solar energy by using electricity stored off-peak.
Energy storage based on lithium ion battery provides reliable and fast frequency response without being subject to fuel prices and with zero emissions.

Battery Storage Samsung Solar Panels